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Bouldering Discussion Board

With Flarum, we have created a state-of-the-art forum. It feels like an app and can be installed like one. With all the gimmicks a discussion platform needs.

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Bouldering Discussion Board

A forum for bouldering in the Palatinate forest đŸ§—â€â™€ïž. A discussion board as nice and modern as it should be!










Make discussion boards great again

Make discussion boards great again

A board is a meeting place for people with a special passion. In a time where social media dominates our communication, discussion boards are only a marginal phenomenon. Yet they are beautiful places, if presented in a modern way!

Progressive Web App

We built a forum that feels like an app đŸ“±. Real-time, smartphone installation, multilingual, notifications, emojis, gifs and of course meaningfully structured content đŸ€©.
Progressive Web App

Flarum it is

The board is based on Flarum, a number of plugins and some individual customizations. The result: a platform that would enrich many communities!