Dynamic Web Applications with React

From small Websites to SaaS apps, React makes your project an interactive experience.

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Our Team - Specialising in TypeScript/React Frontends

  • Many years of experience in React, focus on modern tooling & robust libraries

  • Use of React in complex, API-based SaaS products

  • Full project development or flexible support for your team

  • We consistently rely on TypeScript

  • Quality assurance through strict type checking, testing and linting

From Problem to Solution

Analysis & Planning

After contacting us, we will analyse your requirements and how to help you. Then, you will receive an individual offer from us.


Our team will implement your requirements and you will always have full transparency through the time tracking and ticketing.


Is everything going according to the plan? Continuous quality assurance and feedback loops are an integral part of our working culture.

The tools of our choice

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For the tricky questions

Dr. Reik Benjamin Stiebeling

We build the right software for every problem!



In a first meeting, we will find out together what your needs are. Afterwards, we'll be happy to make you an offer. For large projects, we start with a Workshop where we study your application and requirements in detail. Programming is always the last step.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks from the first meeting to the start date of the project.

The price depends strongly on the desired functions and the project duration. We will be happy to discuss your idea in a free initial consultation and then we will send you an offer. Arrange an appointment

A lively exchange is important to us! For large projects, we start with a Workshop and develop a solution that will help you. During the normal course of the project, we keep you up to date with emails, video calls or phone calls. During the development period, you are more than welcome to follow our ticketing system to track the process of the work and how much time we have already spent.