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Finde the perfect social media post with Picwise!

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Development of a prototype for the social media tool Picwise. A playful UI for a serious task.




#Big Data



#Predictive Analysis




Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Which photo goes best with my Instagram post? Which text should I choose for the caption? Will my content possibly provoke a shitstorm? Picwise wants to answer all these questions with its tool. It analyzes information such as likes and comments from past posts on Instagram and trains an AI model that can make predictions about future successes.

Make the data work for you

Forecasting the future requires large amounts of data. For this purpose, we developed an automatic content crawler that independently collects and aggregates content and makes it available for analysis. To make the analysis tangible, we also developed a modern frontend based on React and Material UI. Through user tests, we were able to validate and further improve the UX.
Make the data work for you