Our Mission

Our Mission

We want a web that is fun and create digital products that bring joy.

We are not software developers, but a team that is stronger together than each individual part. Together with our customers we want to have a good time and make our users happy.


Why not! A not really serious proposal "die 3 von der Tankstelle" (german movie) became the idea of we being n of something big.

And after some bumps in the road we became NWON. Makes the pronunciation obvious, winning is our thing and more details are available on request 😉.

Office in Mainz - At home in the digital world

Office in Mainz - At home in the digital world

We have our office in the Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz. A place that is just as good for working as it is for a vacation.

But our true home is the digital world. Our team appreciates the freedom to work from every place in the world with a wifi connection and some electricity.

Work at NWON

We want a good time. And we mean it!

We love exciting projects and challenges. And even more, we love working with a team that discusses and learns from each other.

Work at NWON

NWON - becoming a team

In the beginning there were three freelancers: Reik, Stefan & Felix. Each of them had their own customers, plans and problems. At the Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz, these three became NWON. It's simply better to work as a team. Since then, we've been creating great web projects for clients all over the world.

  • 2019 - Founding of NVON with a V
  • 2020 - The team grows
  • 2021 - A lot of interesting projects
  • 2021 - Founding Resolvio
  • 2021 - First summer fest
  • 2022 - Rebranding to NWON
  • 2022 - First Live-Application with 6.000 user
Reik, Felix and Stefan
Felix and Stefan

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