Containerisation with Docker

Our applications run in containers. Docker enables us to have a reliable deployment and a reproducible environment for the whole team. We support you in your Docker project!

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Docker makes it easier for you

  • Fewer errors through Reproducible System Setups

  • Reliable and fast deployment

  • Simplified debugging

  • Automatic documentation of system requirements

  • Significantly simplified onboarding of new employees

From application to dockerised application

Analysis & Planning

After contacting us, we will analyse your requirements and how to help you. Then, you will receive an individual offer from us.


Our team will implement your requirements and you will always have full transparency through the time tracking and ticketing. We are happy to integrate into your structures and team.


Is everything going according to the plan? Quality is a big concern for us and we want to learn from each other in a continuous process. Whether according to SCRUM or in individual meetings, we are ready.

The tools of our choice

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For the tricky questions

Dr. Reik Benjamin Stiebeling

We build the right software for every problem!



In a first meeting, we will find out together how your project currently works. Afterwards, we'll be happy to make you an offer. For large projects, we start with a Workshop where we study your project, deployment, pipeline, etc. in detail.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks from the first meeting to the start date of the project.

It depends on your project. The more components and environments your application requires, the more complex the transition will be. Just get in touch with us and we'll work out the most efficient way to achieve your goal.

Containers are an excellent tool to automate deployments and make system configuration reliable and traceable. As a result, the tedious debugging of version differences is no longer necessary, as everyone uses the same configuration.

In the end, anyone who has Docker installed can start the application.

A lively exchange is important to us! For large projects, we start with a Workshop and develop a solution that will help you. During the normal course of the project, we keep you up to date with emails, video calls or phone calls.

During the development period, you are more than welcome to follow our ticketing system to track the process of the work and how much time we have already spent.