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Resolvio helps you to easily create legal documents for decisions in your company.








Decision making, the digital way.

Decision making, the digital way.

Shareholders should in many cases pass formal resolutions on their company decisions, document them and archive them for the future. In reality, many SMEs do not deal with resolution-making enough, as the creation of resolution documents is time-consuming. The goal was to design and develop a digital tool that simplifies and digitalises the creation of resolution documents for shareholders.

Document generator

To enable shareholders to create resolution documents easily and digitally in the future, we developed the Resolvio resolution generator together with Resolvio. We were able to provide support in all phases of the process, from the initial concept to prototyping, design and programming. Through user tests, we were able to validate and continuously improve the UX of our prototype.
Document generator
Generate organic traffic

Generate organic traffic

Already in the conception phase, we placed special emphasis on technical search engine optimisation. In order to gain the first users, we accompanied Resolvio with their SEO strategy from then on and thus built up a continuous influx of organic traffic. Through a mix of content marketing and constantly new resolution templates, we were able to achieve 25,000 organic impressions via Google search after only 6 months.

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