A NWON Project

Evolving Regions

NRW is committed to fight against climate change. A topic for the world and also for NWON. Together with ZDF digital, we tell stories from regions in NRW.

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Evolving Regions

European regions engage against climate change đŸŒČ. And NWON and ZDF Digital are building the portal for it.












Achieving more together

Achieving more together

Together with ZDF Digital, NWON has implemented a portal on which representatives of various German and Dutch regions can independently post media content. The content ranges from texts and images to elaborate videos.

Exciting stories told in multimedia 📖 đŸ–„.

WordPress maxed out

To realize this project we had to ask a lot from WordPress. Different groups of people editing multimedia content in different languages. Everything properly secured and designed to be user-friendly.
WordPress maxed out