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Match jobs. Match everything. A platform that is as flexible as the use cases.

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An ultra-flexible matching platform for the medical sector with everything you need.













Everything a matching platform needs

Everything a matching platform needs

Who is not looking for it? A job that suits you. NWON has developed a job matching platform for the medical field.. Integrated goodies are: contract signing, user validation, different matching statuses, theming, chat functionality, shift management, E-Mail notifications and much more …

No more paper work

One of the features we are pretty proud of is the smooth integration of a contract signing process powered by hello sign. The application enables the user to sign a dynamically rendered and legally binding contract ✏️. Say goodby to all the annoying paperwork and do it all in one platform.
No more paper work
Developed once and used many times

Developed once and used many times

However, the application can do more than just find the right job. Thanks to the dynamic architecture, the job-matching platform can be transformed into a platform with a completely different focus with little effort. Walking the pet, jobs in the health care sector, jobs in heavy industry or finding the right stylist. Everything is possible with this super flexible bad boy 😎.

Django meets React

For the techies out there: It is a Django backend with a React frontend and fully dockerized with a CI pipeline smooth as butter 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫. Obviously we use websockets as well...