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An organically shaped website for personal consulting.

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For the IT consultancy RHEINELEMENT, NWON has created a website that is different: organic and dynamic.











Slightly different

Slightly different

Corners, edges and 90 degree angles 📐. Order reigns on the web!

For the IT-consultancy RHEINELEMENT NWON has created a website that's different. Organic shapes make the page stand out from the average website: Rounded sections overlap each other, circular shapes are arranged playfully and crisp colors catch the attention of the user.

Employees first

In terms of content, we put RHEINELEMENT's greatest asset in the spotlight: the employees ✹ . References to past projects and a modern company philosophy round off the appearance.
Employees first
It's a Jamstack

It's a Jamstack

All content on the page can be maintained in a WordPress backend and is delivered by a lightning fast Gatsby frontend ⚡. State-of-the-art web development!