Software Development

Web-based applications are the future. We use modern technologies like React, TypeScript and Next.js to turn your ideas into reality.

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Software? We can help with that!

Process Automation

Why do by hand what you can automate. From smart Excel spreadsheets to small and big helpers. We make you smarter.


Communication is king. Even in software development, systems have to talk to each other. We develop the appropriate APIs and expose them on secure and scalable infrastructure. Of course, we also connect external interfaces to your application.

Software as a Service

We support you in the development and implementation of SaaS applications and bring in our valuable experience.


Person A seeks/offers/needs B. A classic scenario that plays a role in many digital projects. We have broad experience in this area and are happy to tackle the next matching problem together.

Next.js & Gatsby

By using Jamstack-Frameworks like Next.js or Gatsby we achieve maximum performance, safety and scalability for your web app.

For the tricky questions

Dr. Reik Benjamin Stiebeling

We build the right software for every problem!